The Music Learning Center is an amazing place to learn as well as further your music education. The staff and faculty are not only extremely professional but also nurturing. Students come first! After working for a New York City music school for 25 plus years, I have been nothing less than totally impressed with my son’s positive experience learning piano at this wonderful school!
Over the past 6 years Music Learning Center has proven to be an invaluable resource. My daughter began with violin and guitar lessons one summer. The caliber of teachers is of the highest quality, carefully vetted by the Music Director, and the passion and enthusiasm of their craft is readily apparent. When my daughter requested lessons in voice and piano, MLC was the first place I contacted. Knowing without a doubt that whichever teacher on their staff fit our busy teenager's schedule, made the choice a no-brainer.
I took piano lessons at The Music Learning Center when I was young and it gave gave birth to a passion of music in my life. I write my own music making constant use of the piano skills that I built thanks to my decision to take lessons here. I have decided to start lessons again, to further build upon my piano foundation.
This is the most wonderful place! My son has been taking piano lessons here for 10 years. He has become quite a musician and developed a great love of music.
Thank you for the work you have done with Holly. In the short time that she has been talking lessons the changes we hear are amazing. She recently had a solo in her concert choir at school and performed beyond anyone’s expectations, including her own. We are so proud of her and so glad we decided to take lessons at the Music learning Center."
Annie Sorrels
Amalia and Armand’s appreciation of music will never fade and I know that the lessons learned will be lessons they will have with them for a lifetime. Thank you for all you have done for us and for the love and joy of music that we have learned.
Annette & David Pineiro
I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Samantha enjoyed your summer camp. She was excited to go every day and was very sad when it was over. At the end of the week when the class performed for the parents, they were so happy about sharing what they had learned! Because of this camp Samantha was so enthused about music she expressed an interest in learning piano and the violin. Your camp has opened Samantha’s eyes to a whole new world that we might not otherwise have pursued. Thank you again.
Betina Annuth
My daughter has been taking flute lessons for the past two years at the Music Learning Center. I have been very happy with her progress. Her instructor is an excellent teacher and a very nice person. I have also been impressed with the staff at the Music Learning Center. They really care about the students. I would definitely recommend the Music Learning Center to anyone who is looking for a music school.
Colleen Martellae