FAQs - Summer Schedules

1. Do my lessons continue during July & August?

Yes! Our current school year runs from 9/1/23 thru 8/31/24. Almost all of our students continue their lessons during the summer and take breaks for vacation weeks or other conflicts. Consistency is one of the keys to maintaining a student’s progress. During the summer students often progress faster since their schedules may allow more time to practice.

2. What if we will be away during part of July & August?

No problem! Our summer scheduling policies allow you to “Pre-Cancel” lessons during your time away. You will not be charged for any lessons that you pre-cancel before the beginning of July, or the beginning of August. Just email the dates that you will be away to the office and we’ll take care of adjusting your schedule and charges.

3. What if we aren’t sure in advance about our summer plans?

We understand! During July & August you can also continue to use our Lesson Management System (L.M.S) to make changes to your schedule like you do during the rest of the year.  Just login to your “Account Dashboard” – there you can cancel lessons and schedule makeups (see MLC’s 2023-24 Policies for complete details). Reminder: be sure to cancel any lessons you may miss at least one day in advance so that it will be eligible for a future makeup.

4. I think I might have makeup lessons to schedule. Can I use them during July & August?

Yes. Students who maintain their weekly lesson schedule during July & August may use any makeup time they have available to schedule additional lessons. Makeup lessons must be completed prior to your last scheduled lesson day during our 2023-24 school year.

How do I use the Lesson Management System to schedule makeups?

To view your current eligibility for makeup lessons, login to your “Account Dashboard”. If you have makeup time available then under “Actions” you will the link “Schedule Makeup”. On the next page you will be able to see how much makeup lesson time you have available, as well as your teacher’s current availability for a makeup lesson.

5. What happens to my lesson schedule when the new school year begins this fall?

Your current lesson schedule automatically continues “month to month” into the new school year unless you choose to “Cancel all Future Lessons” from your Account Dashboard. Active student accounts are charged our “annual registration fee” on August 1st of each year.

6. What if I need to change my weekly lesson schedule at the start of the new school year?

Weekly schedules can be changed at any time during the year. To view your teacher’s current availability on other days and times, login to your “Account Dashboard” and under “Actions”, choose “Change Time or Teacher”.  From there you can complete your own schedule transfer. Just give us a call or send us an email if you need assistance.


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