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Zoom Tip's and Tricks

"Tips & Tricks" -  How To Get the Most Out of Your ZOOM Music Lesson

Note: Check back on this page often as we continue to add more suggestions. Have fun!


Improving Your Audio Quality  -

If you are able to use a Laptop or Desktop Computer equipped with a webcam and microphone/speakers for your ZOOM music lesson, there is a setting that will significantly improve the audio quality your teacher will hear. Our teachers have been informed of this TIP and several are now using it themselves. Here is a Youtube video explaining how to change that setting  - it was created by the Rama Vocal Center in Denmark, affiliated with the Royal Academy Of Music. Check it out here:


Screen Sharing during your ZOOM lesson

You may have already discovered that you can share your screen with your teacher during your lesson. There are several uses for this, for example, if you are working on a piece of music that your teacher does not have a copy of, try one of these solutions:

  1. Before discussing Screen Sharing in ZOOM, you can also scan your music and then email it to  We will send it to your teacher.
  2. Here is how to use Screen Share to allow your teacher to view an image or screen that you have open on the device you are using for the meeting. Check out the short video from our instructor Josh on how to do it. (Note: In this example Josh goes to a piece of music he has saved on Google Drive, but you can share the image of anything you have open on your phone/tablet/computer by following the rest of the steps.)  You can also take a picture of the music with your phone or tablet – save it, or send it to the device you are using for the meeting.
  3. Advanced settings for Screen Sharing – ready to go PRO with screen sharing? Checkout this video from ZOOM. (Note: you can ignore the parts about the Host (your teacher) settings.


A stand for your Smart Phone:

Our instructor Josh Meade found and is using this neat little tripod holder for a smart phone. It makes it easy to set it at just the right angle for your teacher to see.


And a tripod for a your tablet:

MLC director Jeff McGill has been using something similar to this for several years.


That's all for now – check back here often for new Tips & Tricks…..or send us an email with your own ideas!



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